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Our passion for chemicals inspired us to set up Krunal Group – Here you can discover views on industry goings-on or new developments within Krunal Group. Further to that you can catch our popular Product Focus where we frequently put a chemical under the spotlight examining what they are, what they do and how they can benefit your business

One of the INDIA’s fastest growing chemical manufacturers, chemical suppliers & chemical distributors for the bulk chemical industry.


Industrial Chemicals




Industrial Chemicals

Krunal Group manufactures and distributes a multitude of industrial chemicals for general and specific applications. Our Industrial chemical range is used across every conceivable market sector including water treatment, agrochemical, detergents, wood treatment and much [...]


Krunal Group manufactures and distributes a variety of Phosphates, Phosphonates and Industrial Chemicals to leaders within the Agrochemical Markets. From chemical solutions that aid in the production of fertilizers to horticultural vegetation feeds and pesticides, [...]

Textile Dyestuff

Since our inception in 1995 Krunal Group has held a core expertise in the manufacture and supply of textile dyestuff – Our product range is continuously enhanced and expanded to cater for all our unique [...]


Metal Treatment & Anodizing

Krunal Group company, manufactures and distributes a variety of chemicals for use in the Metal Treatment & Anodizing industry. We supply chemicals for the anodizing industry, solutions and solids for use as corrosion and rust [...]

Oil & Gas

Krunal Group manufactures and distributes a variety of chemicals to cater for the ever-changing needs of the Oil & Gas industry. We supply chemicals for use in everything from waste oil collection, parts washers & [...]

Personal Care

Krunal Group manufactures and distributes a variety of Surfactants and industrial chemicals for use across the Personal Care industry. We supply chemicals used in everything from bath care, hair care, skin care, cosmetics and dental [...]